Renault Clio 4 RS200T/220T Pro-Alloy Intercooler Kit


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Pro-Alloy have now developed a complete bolt on intercooler kit with boost pipes for the Clio 200 & 220 Trophy. The kit even includes a replacement throttle body pipe which is made in billet aluminium instead of the standard plastic part that is known to fail on some vehicles.

To get the best from the small frame turbocharger that’s fitted to the Clio RS flow is key, there are many other products on the market that will indeed drop the intake temperatures compared to stock but when it comes to pressure drop they will lose power as the core used is so inefficient and the boost that is generated post intercooler is a lot less than pre intercooler, this means the turbo is working a lot harder to produce the same boost pressure in the intake manifold. The pro-alloy cooler uses a very efficient tube and fin core which has minimal pressure drop, is relatively light compared to the bar and plate which also means you won’t get heat soak when pushing hard. We believe this is one of the best intercoolers available for the Renaultsport Clio 1.6 Turbo today!

Upon initial testing the gains on a stock Clio 220 Trophy are a staggering 10hp and 10lbft peak with a much improved bottom end. With 5 pulls on the dyno one after the other the cooler kept charge temperatures down in the 20’s with only a 5 degree increase during the pull which was soon recovered very quickly at the end!

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