Custom Remaps

RS Tuning Limited based in Leeds ,specialise in custom remapping of both OEM control units and many aftermarket systems available today. Please call us on 0113 2436444 to discuss options for your vehicle as we don’t work from a generic database like many of the flash tuners in the UK today.

Using only the best tools available on the market we can cater for most makes and models and unlike many other “tuners” we do all calibrations in house and don’t buy in cheap tuning files from unknown sources! We develop our mapping from scratch on our own dyno.

Our main software is supplied by EVC in Germany which enables us to edit the calibration files we read from the car’s ECU, this literally gives full access to the code!

We have a number of different tuning tools to cater for the many OEM ECU’s out there, some of those include:

  • Flashtec CMDFlash OBD & BDM
  • Alientech KessV2
  • Alientech KTAG
  • EVC OLS300 (used for live emulation on some flash based ECU’s)
  • EVC BDM100
  • EVC SPI100
  • Byteshooter
  • AMT Cartech MPPS
  • Fastchip RSTuner Master & Slave

Plus many more used for diagnostics etc.

The Mapping Process

For every single vehicle that we tune we like to see them run on the dyno on the standard tune (where possible). We will datalog the car so that we can be sure it’s running well with no inherent problems which can be identified and rectified before remapping the car.

Once we are happy the car is suitable to be tuned we will read the standard calibration from the ECU, we will build a base map to load onto the ECU with the new requested performance, sometimes this is done with torque limits that are set in NM and sometimes it’s a simple case of adding more boost pressure, this varies massively from car to car and ECU to ECU.

After loading the new calibration we will repeat the initial process of running the car on the dyno and data logging the parameters, we use the dyno to see where the increases are and how smooth the power is as well as logging the air fuel ratio and boost where applicable. We will keep adjusting the new calibration until we are happy with the result, there’s no real set increase when custom mapping something so we always have to take the vehicles hardware into account and use our experience of where to stop making power! As a rule this process will take half a day on average but as with anything the more you tune the faster you are at certain vehicles, some can take days and some only minutes! Time taken to map is also dictated by how long the ECU takes to accept the new tune, some ECU’s will flash in only 20 seconds but some take an hour per write!

Here’s an example of a 2012 Renault Megane RS265 that came in for a “stage1 remap” The car was standard and running on 99RON fuel.

As you can see from the graph there’s a substantial increase over the whole RPM range which makes the car much more fun to drive!

Some of the OEM ECU’s that we map are that bit more complex and the mainstream tools just don’t give OBD read and write access, for these ones we try to use the best on the market and in the case of the Nissan R35 GTR we use the awesome EcuTeK software suite and for the Nissan 350/370Z we use the excellent Uprev software.

Both of these allow full access to the stock ECU. Click on the individual links to read more about those and have a look to verify that we are official tuners for both!

Standalone Engine Management

RS Tuning Limited can work with a variety of standalone ECU’s which include:

  • Syvecs
  • Link engine management
  • Gems
  • Omex
  • DTA
  • Emerald
  • SCS-Delta
  • Apexi Power FC (FC Datalogit)
  • AEM