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Specialist Components TORNADO 2 ECU

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Hardware Specification

Typhoon 2 Tornado 2
Processor Freescale 32Bit Automotive Microcontroller
Flash Rom  1MB 1MB
Injector Outputs 6 6
Ignition Outputs
(logic or direct coil drive)
4 6
Drive By Wire (DC Motor) Outputs 0 1
User Configurable PWM Outputs 2 4
User Configurable Relay Outputs 2 4
User Configurable Auxilary Outputs 2 4
NTC Temperature Sensor Inputs 3 5
Linear Analogue Sensor Inputs 3 7
Lambda Sensor Input
(Narrowband or Wideband)
1 2
Crankshaft Sensor Input
(Hall Effect or Variable Reluctance)
1 1
Camshaft Sensor Inputs 2 2
Wheel Speed Sensor Inputs 1 4
Integral Barometric Pressure Sensor Y Y
Interface  CAN 2.0B
(communicates with most Motorsport Displays and Dataloggers)
Connectors (AMPSeal)         35 way fully sealed  35 way & 23 way fully sealed
Mounting  Suitable for engine bay mounting
Size  115 x 167 x 52mm 175 x 167 x 52mm
Weight 228g 448g




Software Specification

• Intuitive Bespoke Real Time Calibration Tool using micro USB CAN Interface Dongle
• 4 and 6 Cylinders Direct Ignition and Sequential Injection
• 6 and 8* Cylinders Wasted Spark and Sequential Injection
• 8 Cylinders Wasted Spark and Semi-Sequential Injection
• 24 Channel Integral Datalogger at up to 100Hz with Analysis Software Package
• Engine Logbook Recording Vital Engine Statistics
• Wide Range of Original Equipment Trigger Patterns Supported
• 32 x 32 Variable Breakpoint Fuel and Ignition Main Maps
• Alpha-N, Speed Density or Hybrid Alpha-N with MAP Correction Load Input
• Maximum Engine Speed Breakpoints up to 16,500rpm
• Individual Cylinder Trim Maps for both Fuel and Ignition
• Stereo* Closed Loop Fuelling Control (Narrowband or Wideband) with Lambda Auto Mapping
• User Configurable Hard and Soft Engine Speed Limiters as a function of Coolant Temperature
• User Selectable OEM CAN Output to drive Original Equipment Dashboards and EPAS systems
• Comprehensive Transient Fuelling Control
• Closed Loop Boost Control with Overboost Fuel Cut Protection and Gear offsets
• Comprehensive Environmental Corrections for Fuelling and Ignition
• Cranking and Cold Start Enrichment Maps
• Overrun Fuel Cut-off Strategy
• Closed Loop Idle Speed Control for both Ignition and Idle Air Bypass Valve
• Variable Camshaft Timing Control for up to 2 Camshafts
• All Sensor Inputs are User Configurable
• VTEC Cam Switching Control
• Configurable Shift Lamp Control
• Comprehensive Launch Control, Switched or Fully Automatic
• Pit Lane Speed Limiter
• Gear Cut Switch or Direct GCU Input, Full Ignition Cut or Ignition Retard
• Map Switching for Fuel, Ignition, Boost and Drive-by-Wire*
• NOS Control with Fuel Compensation*
• 4 Cylinder Staged Injection*
• Air Conditioning Clutch Control with Two Stage Fans*
• Traction Control with Driver Controlled Slip Setting*
• DBW Throttle Blipper for Downshift Rev Matching*
• ‘Smart Charge’ Alternator Control*
• Gasoline Direct Injection Control (via external SC Injector Driver Module)*
• Bosch HDP-5 GDI High Pressure Fuel Pump Control*

Tornado 2 only*


Additional information

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