RSTuning development of BMW M2

Our New Dev Car, The BMW M2 Competition

Stunning BMW M2 Competition in Long Beach Blue, quick check on the dyno before we start any Tuning! Pulling 411hp on 100% stock hardware and software.

We’ll be working in stages starting with a tune on stock hardware right through to bigger turbos so stay tuned for updates!

Software will be done using the awesome EcuTek Technologies Ltd tuning suite with special racerom custom maps. We’ll be working on:

  • User adjustable gear based torque limiters
  • Switchable maps x4 for different fuel etc.
  • Anti theft mode, the vehicle will start but not move!
  • User configurable pops & bangs (burble)
  • Engine safety trips such as low oil pressure or high coolant temp.
  • Plus many more!

Watch this space!

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